Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Bases Tutorial: Basic Dirt

So here we go into my second base tutorial, Basic Dirt. It is a simple one really, but to help those that are new, or people looking for a varied approach from what they are used to.

Lets start with materials needed.
1- a base. any size you need will do. The one pictured is a 30mm round lipped base used in Warmachine, Hordes, Malifaux, and other tabletop wargames.
2 - Clear Tape.
3 - PVA Glue. Basic white glue.
4 - Grit or Sand basing materials. They vary in sizes (fine, small, medium, large)

So we have our materials ready to go, lets begin!

STEP 1: Preperation

Here we take our bases and place a strip of tape over the opening holes. This assures that the sand/grit will stick on the whole of the base. The 30mm and 40mm bases will need these. The 50mm and above are completely solid, so no tape is needed.


Now that the base slots are covered with tape, just cover the top area in glue. Easy enough step. You usually want to do 5-8 bases at a time this way so the glue doesnt dry up before you get to it.

STEP 3: Ground the Dirt!

I keep all my grit and sand in separate Tupperware containers. This allows room for spreading around the grit/sand without making much of a mess. and depending on the way I want to base each piece there is plenty of room to move around in.

This step is the final one. You just take that base, glue side down into the grit/sand and push it in. Hold down there for about 5 seconds and lift the base out. Holding the base upsidedown still tap on it a few times to knock the loose bits off.

And there you have a basic dirt/sand/grit base ready to paint! See how easy that was?
I have a slew of these at the ready incase I ever need a quick base ready to go for future projects. I wanted to share this one tho because many of my commissions use this base.

Well I think I will post 1 more for today. I am finishing up the Khador pictures so they will be up later this week. Take care.

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