Saturday, April 20, 2013

Khador Excitment part 2

Welcome back! So this post is titled Khador Excitement part 2 of 3. And if you can tell by the title, there is Khador here. These all follow the commission requested scheme of White and Red Khador by the client. These next 3 models I will show today are 2 warcasters and a mercenary attachment. All three of these were done up a bit more than the previous two. A bit better quality, but not to the full 9s.

First up are the two warcasters. These are the leaders of your army. You can see they follow the paint scheme, and the basing detail (I am actually going to add another tutorial on snow bases sometime).

Forward Kommander Sorscha Kratikoff

Kommander Harkevich

This next model is from the Mercenary faction. These guys are great to fill in gaps in your own army that you need....filled. Sylys here is a warcaster attachment, meaning he attaches to a warcaster on the filed and has benefits for both of them. His name looks difficult but really pronounced Sigh-less Wish-nail-er.

Since he is a Mercenary model, the client wanted him to fit into Khador color scheme, but also be able to look as if he can go into other armies as well, just in case. So I reversed the color scheme on him, and tried some ink highlights on his armor. Turned out pretty good I think, but there are a few spots where it did not catch right and the camera may or may not show that.

Sylys Wyshnalyrr

And there you have those. Now onto the BIG, BAD, CONQUEST!!!!!
so for part 3 of the Khador Excitement we shall see the finished Conquest, Khador's own colossal jack.

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