Saturday, April 20, 2013

Khador Excitment! pt1

Welcome back! So this post is titled Khador Excitement part 1 of 3. And if you can tell by the title, there is Khador here. These all follow the commission requested scheme of White and Red Khador by the client. The first two I will show today are unit attachments (I think, I dont play Khador). Both were done using a quick and basic paint job so they have at least tabletop quality.

First up we have Cuppa Joe, Kovnik Grigorovich. Walking tall raising his weapons into the air. Basic paint job again to say.

Kovnik Grigorovich

Next up we have a Battle Mechanik Officer. His job is to repair the jacks on the field.

Battle Mechanik Officer

So there is part 1 of the Khador Excitment. Part 2 will have 2 casters and a Mercenary model. Part 3 will be the BIG excitment, the Conquest! I am going to post them all today just so I dont forget about them down the road.

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