Thursday, September 5, 2013

Welcome back

Hello again!!!

     Well it has been a busy summer for me life wise. As you could tell with my lack of blog updates since April. Wild and bumpy ride. I was able to paint and paint and work, work, work. The blog fell by the wayside as my computer died, was fixed, and then suffered issues within. Its almost back up to par and my camera's memory card full of projects I have have completed.

     Lets see if I can get back into the swing of things with a new update (hopefully) every week on Thursdays - that seems to be the best day for me. So we will start with this welcome back post, and follow thru next week with some newly painted material. In the meantime we can talk about our summer!

     The biggest thing over the summer was my first ever GenCon! I was super excited about it, and it was all it lived up to, 4 awesome days of gaming! I spent the majority of it at the Cool Mini or Not booth (if you remember I am a Legion member - the core demo program at CMoN) running Zombicide demos to thousands of people in attendance. I also met some friends, ran into some old friends, people from the industry, and picked up a LOT of miniatures to paint :)

     I had a blast there and looking forward to going back next year. I am also looking forward (hopefully) to attending Templecon in 2014 which has extended to 4 days!

     For now, I guess thats it. I am going to work on getting pics ready for next weeks upload, but coming up we have that Circle of Orborus starter box from Privateer Press I have been saying since April. We will also take a look at some Super Dungeon Explore heroes from Soda Pop Miniatures, both my own and some commissions, and some random commissions I did for locals from Privateer Press. Also I was able to get ahold of some Dark Age models from Cool Mini or Not and I will add them into the mix.

Keep those brushes clean, and see you next week!

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