Thursday, March 20, 2014


Greetings all! I return!
what a crazy past few months. Painting, gaming, playing, working, painting....What have I been up to.

Latley I have been caught up playing the IKRPG- Iron Kingdoms Role Playing Game- from Privateer Press. Best way to describe it? Its like a skirmish game of Warmachine with a story. More of a skill based RPG, but combat is fun just like the game. We met up every other week and I rode the hell out of the players till schedules started to conflict. Although in the summer I am going to run a 2 month long campaign at the LGS.

Board Games. After being introduced to Super Dungeon Explore 2 years ago, I dove into the board game realm. Super Dungeon Explore, Zombicide, Rivet Wars...WOW. between painting these and playing, I am having a blast. New ones are on their way, and holding demos and special one day events are going to be a blast!

Miniature Games. Aside from my typical Warmachine/Hordes and Malifaux, I got into a few new ones. Dark Age, Star Wars X-Wing, Malifaux picked back up, and newly added Dropzone Commander (have yet to play but that starts soon). Warhammer 40K I played one game, considering I had enough for a small battle from my days of collecting and painting before playing.

Video Games. Not much new here. I basically dropped off from these to paint and play more games. Although I AM looking forward to Warmachine: Tactics releasing later this year.

So there you have it! I have not died, have not forgotten about this blog (for the most part). Hopefully I can keep up with the updates and show you more painting and tutorials, and anything that crosses my fancy.

In fact, today I will be updating the long awaited Circle commission army and a how to on the bases!
:) enjoy!

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