Thursday, March 20, 2014

Circle of Orboros: The Commission: Part 2

Circle of Orboros: The Commission: Part Two

Continuing from the previous post we will delve into Kaya's battlegroup, the warbeasts! 

Warbeast: Feral Warpwolf
He's big and scary. I changed up his pose a bit striking a pose with that grin of his. 

Warbeast: Argus
This twin headed warbeast was fun to paint and pose.

Warbeast: Winter Argus
Another twin headed warbeast, the Winter Argus blends better in the snow.

Warbeasts of Kaya's battlegroup. As mentioned before, all the bases were custom made and will be covered in a following tutorial. Although I will add that the tree stumps were from Woodland Scenics and just added to the bases and painted up.

Up next, the unit in the battle box; the Warpborn Skinwalkers!

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