Thursday, January 7, 2016

Questing in Arcadia pt1: Leeroy and Nibbles

Welcome back readers!

     Today we are going to take a look at a few miniatures from Arcadia Quest. An excellent board game released back in 2014 from Cool Mini or Not, that consists of some Player vs Player vs Event action and some superb miniatures done in the chibi anime style much akin to Super Dungeon Explore.

     The miniatures are what drew me to the game, and eventually the game play took over from there. With the Kickstarter adding more heroes than the 12 from the base game and some expansions along the way, you could have a different game every campaign. Did I mention it was a campaign style game as well? Between each chapter (or session if you prefer) you can buy items, spells, and/or equipment for each of your heroes for the next chapter. Much like an RPG boardgame, this game is very fun.

     So this week we will take a look at two of the random heroes I painted up. Painting this style is a nice change to the normal way I paint, different techniques and usually quicker paint job.



I did say two right? Over the next few weeks we will look at a few I have finished before being swept into another game. I didnt even get close to finishing them all, someday I hope to.

Until next time!

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