Saturday, January 2, 2016

2016 Visions for the Future

Welcome to twenty sixteen!

      So last year was definitely slacking in the posts department, seriously. Life got wrapped up in a ton of different directions, and scattered into all sorts of a mess. I kept painting, working, and not updating any of it. Honestly I still have projects left over from 2014 I have yet to update...sheesh.

     Lets do a life update. Christmas of 2015 I received my first airbrush (a Badger Patriot 150) and a nice air compressor (TC 910 Aspire Pro) that was expensive but quite enough to run at any hour of the day in the main room without disturbing those sleeping down the hall or in the next room. At first I was a bit overwhelmed, but after practice and patience I procured my second airbrush for detailing, Badger Sotar 2020. 3 various airbrushes later, I am still priming and base coating with it, working towards more refined skills. I still prefer hand brush work, but for terrain the airbrush helps immensely.

     Over the course of 2015 our little group got into more games than ever before, as I am sure most of you have. This is the age of the geek after all. Many more companies are producing miniatures that fill various niches in our lives and almost something for everyone. We may have only played about 8-10 of these once, or one time a month per different game, but we have bought alot of miniatures and games. Trying to keep up on painting everything I buy, especially with my full time job, is a challenge. On top of taking up commissions. Needless to say commissions were not a big part of this year, and my attention was sporadic at best even with my own collection.

     My paint collection grew this year as well. As it should when one receives an airbrush. New airbrush specific paints were acquired and purchased (Vallejo Model Air and Game Air). Different primers as well, and various effects trying new paints. My P3 collection (paints from Privateer Press) also grew for new effects and colors, same with Games Workshop technical paints. I still love the Reaper Master Series paints though, the ones I use the most.

     There we have it, most of life in 2015. Add in family and my full time job, and it was busy. I would like to say I got things done, but not as much as I liked. I am hoping to change that this year. More painting, more gaming, and more time with friends and family. Updating this blog, lets not forget that, hell thats why you come here (I hope) will continue as my new schedule kicks in and already have stuff from last year that needs updating, so I have a few posts ready.

Lets get this party started!
HUZZAH 2016!

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