Wednesday, January 25, 2012

8 bit Dungeon!

Its finished! Finally! I was able to finish out the basics this past weekend, and I love it! If you remember I started this back in November. It was an idea I had when I ran across Fat Dragon Games and liked the simpleness of their dungeon design and build. I immediately thought of the old NES Zelda game, the dungeons. With Super Dungeon Explore on its way to my door I decided to get working on the design and build, and now here are some results.

1" square pillars. These get inserted into the floor holes.

 1" walls.

4" walls. Here you can see 2 different designs to break up the design.

2" walls. Again we have 2 different designs.

 8"x8" floors. Holes open and ready for use.

8"x8" floors. Hole covers in use.

In addition to the grey dungeon I thought why not make the colored ones too? Straight grey can be boring all the time. So I went to work on some different colors, the first of which is green. But before I could go all green, I had to make transition pieces so the dungeon could blend easily from one color to the other. Here I will show some grey/green transition pieces.

1" pillars. Grey on 2 sides, green on the other 2. 

 1" walls.

 4" walls.

2" walls.

 8"x8" grey to green floor transitions. Holes open and ready for use.

8"x8" grey to green floors. Holes covered and hidden.

Although after building this up, I realized some of the grey/green transition pieces dont line up perfectly. This is something I will have to correct with the other colors before I build them.

And here are some straight green pieces. Although I have no all green floors, my ink was all gone, you can get the basic idea here. When I do finally print out the different colors, I will be taking them to a printer (Staples) to get all printed up.

1" square pillars.

 1" walls.

 4" walls

2" walls

And finally we have some in game shots! These are from the recent Demo I ran for Super Dungeon Explore. I get into this game so much that sometimes I forget to take more pictures. The group loved it and so did I. I hope you enjoyed the pics.

 Beginning the build. You can see where the posts placement is and where they will go. To the side you can see what I used to hold the walls and posts together: Bobby pins! 

 And there are some in game pictures! As I stated before, I get into this game and forgot to take more pics, but it was getting good.

Well there you go, and I to paint!

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