Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012, not the movie

 Happy New Year!

ok got that out of the way. Welcome to 2012 everyone. I hope you all had a safe and happy celebration to ring in the new year, I definitely did.

This is a semi-resolution post update, or "things to come". What I plan on working on this year (or at least the next few months). Sometimes planning gets away from us, or new things come that we didnt expect to work on, or other bits of life get in the way. Most of these things I will do, some may take a while and others may get forgotten, but this is more of a what I plan to do list. Hopefully I can get to them all, but you know how that goes. *Like my Cryx army from Warmachine that I have yet to have fully painted over the last 3 years that I said I would because other things come along to do. I am working on it tho, last year I did more that the past years just need to finish bases and other things come along. Enough rambling, time for the list::

     Super Dungeon Explore! All the miniatures need painted (50+)
     Legion of Everblight commission project (almost done- need pics)
     Khador commission project (special I am only half involved in)
     Mighty Armies commission project (
     My own Cryx army (maybe I will get to finish it)
     Malifaux characters (random bunches)

 Wargaming (Warmachine/Hordes) Terrain:
     Cryx-ifyed King of the Hill Terrain(with extreme mode)
     a "How to" series on various bases I have done
     Cryx Tower
     Cryx Harvesting tanks
     Hills, walls, and other field terrain

 RPG Terrain:
     3D 8-bit Dungeon
     Dungeon X (really How much longer can I delay its creation?)
     More WorldWorks Games Terrain Dungeons

Dont know why I categorized them. Ease of lists I guess. So there we have some items I hope to complete soon, at least by this years end. There will be other bits I know, commission work, spastic purchases, etc. But this may help me get a bit more organized. In with the new...

HAPPY NEW YEAR! May 2012 be more productive than last and may we keep on doing what we do, but better!

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