Saturday, December 31, 2011

Keep Diorama

And here we are last post of 2011. Last project of 2011. The Keep Diorama.
This was a fun project and took a bit of time. Things went wrong in the beginning (not getting the wall order that I wanted, battery holder snapping from wires, wax water snapping. But in the end everything came together great (at least I think so). Here are some pictures:

 One of the wax water left on as a little overflow frozen in time.

 Lights ON! I get a kick out of that.

 Lights ON, different angle. 

 One of the spots is covered with a custom base made earlier.
See how it blends in?

And now for placement of all things: The display, the miniatures, the extra base, and the tree.

With everything on the base, and all the bases the same size, you can interchange the placement of all objects. Moving the tree and heroes wherever you wanted them to be. I wanted to add a nameplate up front, but there wasnt enough time - that and I couldnt name a piece for someone else.

Overall I was happy with it, and so was the client - which is the important part.

Thanks for reading along everyone that has. Have a safe and happy New Years celebration, I will be back next year (tomorrow really, but hey)!

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