Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Super Dungeon Explore: Dungeon 6

So as I have said earlier, this post is mainly how I built the SDE Dungeon 6. All the terrain is 3-D, made by WorldWorks Games, and cut, glued, and assembled by me. Make no mistake while it looks awesome, there is a LOT of time and effort into it. For those wondering, it is part of the Terrain LinX system and these are all from the Lost Halls of Dwarven Kings and its two supplements (Treasures and Tombs and Vault of the Ancients). You may have seen earlier posts regarding Dungeon X, these parts will all fit into that in the future.

So here we go, construction of SDE Dungeon 6:

First we assemble the floor in regular fashion. Using TerrainLinx Tabs to hold the floor tiles together. If you unsure, or dont remember, go look in the Dungeon X label. You can tell which my old printed printed out, and the new one. There are also a mix match of floor tiles here, because I didnt bring all the proper ones.

 Next, We add those posts onto the floor tiles. Everything is starting to come together. I decided since this was a quick demo, to not assemble all the posts and walls, this would make it more relaxing for our heroes.

The walls are added. All the walls shown up here are the anti-warp walls. The large door is just for a show wall. There is no in game effect or exrta actions required to go thru it. The anti-warp walls have a shelf like edge to them as well, and fit perfect for the next level. WAIT! Did I just say next level?

 Oh yes I did! You can see there is 2 parts, that connect here. Now again, fo rthe ease of this demo, I didnot use the lower level. We kept to the basics. But how are they to reach that upper level?
  Dungeon 6 complete. Wait, I am missing something am I not?

And here we go. Completed Super Dungeon Explore Dungeon 6. See the stairs? There are another set behind the big door. And we are now ready for our Heroes to explore!

And there you have it! The players loved this so much they cant wait for the next one!
Until next time, I need more time!

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