Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Super Dungeon Explore Demo!!!

So as promised, here are some pics from the recent Demos I hosted for Super Dungeon Explore. These were taken at my local gaming/comic store: Comic Store West.
Pictures were easy to take in the begining, then you get wrapped in the game. My first demo I grabbed no pics (or my phone lost them in the transfer. Second game I grabbed a few shots. But the third game....that will be under the next post: Super Dungeon Explore Dungeon 6.
Onto some pictures!!!

The second Demo game. Using SDE Dungeon 5 (my own naming for these), we find our heroes almost to the end of the dungeon. Rex and his brother have come out to play, and our heroes begin to regroup.

Next we have in game pics of SDE Dungeon 6 (again my own naming). Look I even get a reserved table :)
Heroes point of view, stairs!

 My point of view. Doors are just part of the wall texture. I was not counting them as anything important, just wanted to use the big door.

Our heroes for tonights match up. The youngest is my son, he is 10 and loves this game.

All the terrain is papercraft and designed/distributed by WorldWorks Games (as I may have mentioned before), part of their TerrainlinX system of terrain building. All printed, cut, built by me. Many many hours all by hand. Everyone had a blast and cant wait to see the next dungeon I come up with. Next post coming in a bit will show a bit on how I put SDE Dungeon 6 together.

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