Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Balls to the ...

WALLS! Here is another post update on my massive Dungeon X project, which by now you could have guessed is broken into smaller projects, one of which is using dungeons for Super Dungeon Explore!
But this update is about those walls, the many many walls I need. i decided to break it down into what I need for the most recent Dungeon mini I have now dubbed SDE Dungeon 6. Really I should just break down and finish Dungeon X, but I have a big project on my plate and trying to finish that- I think if I were to have a year off work, I might (not really) be able to finish alot of my projects. There is just not enough time and too much to do!

So without rambling on even more, I will present the pics you came to see. The walls of  The Lost Halls of the Dwarven Kings, Treasures and Tombs, and Vault of the Anchients from WorldWorks Games.

Here you can see a total of 71 walls! All varying in size from 3" and 6" long.
There are a few double high walls and a great big door!

Various artwork for the standard 6" long wall. There are 10 of these so far.

Various artwork for the standard 3" long wall. There are 28 of these so far.

Special 6" long wall posing as a great door and 4 3" long archways.

Various artwork of the Anti-warp 6" long walls. These are cool and I will show them more in another post. There are 14 of these here.

 Various artwork of the Anti-warp 3" long walls. Again I will show them more in another post.
There are 19 of these here.

BTW, WorldWorks Games is currently having a Christmas sale on most of their products. I know I am getting a new set or two (or 3 or 4...).

I think this is all I need for SDE Dungeon 6 (probably more than need). I will do another post later hopefully this month about putting it all together and show some in game pics as well. Hopefully.

Back to painting now.

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