Monday, February 4, 2013

I have Returned!

Back from Templecon 2013, and it was a blast!

As my first full blown con, I was taken in by the sights, sounds, and people of it all. I was able to hang out all weekend with the Cool Mini or Not guys and give demos of 2 of my favorite games, Zombicide and Super Dungeon Explore! I was also able to catch a demo of Sedition Wars and check out the Rivet Wars game! That I am super excited for. The models look fantastic and the rules are easy to learn, which will make it easy to teach to other players.

Although I did end up choosing on what models to take for Iron Arena (for Warmachine), I never did play a single game (let alone take some pics). There was a lot going on, and I ended up checking out the terrain and other peoples armies they brought with them, all the painted beauties everywhere. I was even fortunate enough to see the upcoming Archangel all painted up and fielded by the Privateer Press crew who were also getting in games with the fans.

Saturday and Sunday were great because more people showed up in cosplay as various steampunk characters. The costumes were elaborate and most quite unique. I enjoyed seeing them pass thru the halls or even various places thruout the convention. All the gamers, even the browsers, and the cosplayers, were all polite and friendly. A great community to be a part of and I plan on going back next year if I can.

OH I almost forgot 1 thing. I was fortunate to check out Games and Gears new double ended brushes! they look fantastic and I cant wait to put them to the test. If your interested they still have their Kickstarter Campaign going on now and ends Feb 22 at 5 am CST. If you want the quality brushes without paying for the name, these are the way to go. Check out the Kickstarter and at the bottom of the page are actual reviews from actual people, 2 of whom I got to hang out with this past weekend.

Man, I really loved this convention!

And now I am back home, unpacking my goodies and getting ready to do some painting. Hope everyone has a great week, and I plan on coming back here to upload some painted models for us all to enjoy!

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