Thursday, January 31, 2013

Templecon Bound

Here we go! Nervous and excited all wrapped in one, I am finishing my packing for Templecon 2013! I have never attended a major gaming con and super excited to go. Super nervous, but that is just me getting out of my element, my  normal routine.

I have been trying to finish up some of my recent commissions, but was unable to complete them, so they will have to continue next week when I return. Although there are plenty of them sitting on my desk now, and I will probably pick up more personal miniatures this weekend.

So, Templecon 2013. Excited!

If you are going I will be hanging with the guys from Cool Mini or Not doing demos of Zombicide and Super Dungeon Explore all weekend. Although after the demos I may be wandering around, taking in the con seeing everything I can. And maybe, just maybe I will hop into Privateer Press Warmachine: Iron Arena (I hear its a good time).

Hopefully I remember to take some pics, and who knows maybe mobil updates on this blog - unless I am all caught up ion the moment, which tends to happen to me sometimes.

I still have yet to decide what list I am taking for Iron Arena....

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