Tuesday, January 1, 2013

It's 2013 and we are still here


Hope everyone had a happy and safe new years celebration, me? I was at work.

Its once again to do the Resolutions list and see how far I can get in this new year, I plan to do more than last year and hopefully I can get there. After all, the only thing stopping me is myself. Last year the post count was down from the year before, but I did do more than I actually got around to posting. Hopefully I can rectify that this month with some updates of projects finished in the last 2 months of 2012. Enough of that, lets get onto some Resolutions.

     Super Dungeon Explore! All the miniatures need painted (50+)
     Zombicide. All the zombies I have (90) and 4 heroes need done
     Legion of Everblight commission project (almost done- need pics)
     My own Cryx army (maybe I will get to finish it. 4+ years and still not complete)

 Wargaming (Warmachine/Hordes) Terrain:
     Cryx-ifyed King of the Hill Terrain(with extreme mode)
     a "How to" series on various bases I have done
     Cryx Tower
     Cryx Harvesting tanks
     Hills, walls, and other field terrain

Well that looks familiar. Almost the same as last year. I do need to get stuff done. Not just because of the list, but because I am getting a TON more miniatures this year thru various Kickstarters that I funded last year. Now I know I will have other commissions come in and other impulse creations, so I am not going to add to that list other than what is there.

HOWEVER, I will say that last year I was able to do 2 items not on my list that I am proud of. First, is the using of pigments to paint/create bases for miniatures. I was able to finally get some from Secret Weapon Miniatures, and they were FANTASTIC! very nice effect they give off, some added realism to the piece.

Second. I am a bit anti-social when it comes to meeting new people. I wanted to become more social and I achieved that by becoming a Legionnaire for Cool Mini or Not. Think of it as the guys/girls that demo games to people at conventions, or your local gaming shop. The first step last year was running more demos, mostly Super Dungeon Explore and the newly released Zombicide! Now I am pushing myself a bit further and going to attend a convention, if everything pans out right. I will be at Templecon 2013! I am excited.

This year, aside from attending a convention (or two if I can), I want to step up some personal painting projects. Mainly work on some lighting effects and freehand work. We will see how that goes. Also I will be looking into how to take better pictures of my painted stuff, as I am told my photos dont do me justice.

Well, that is all for now! I do plan on making a headway here and have some pics lined up, ready to post - but it has been a long weekend and I need to paint something.

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