Thursday, January 17, 2013

Warmachine 2player starter: Khador!

So as promised last week, I was able to finish the Khador side of Privateer Press's 2 Player battle box starter. It is a large box that provides enough miniatures for 2 people to start a game of Warmachine. There are 2 armies included, Khador and Protectorate of Menoth. 

I had the pleasure of doing the Khador side, while another was doing Menoth army.  In doing this Khador I was tasked with a tricky commission, duplicate the same paint scheme and colors as models the individual already had! Luckily they also had the paint colors for the models they already received so I just had to figure down some color conversions, and go from there.

Here are some pictures of those models done. These were all done at a table-top quality and were rather easy. The bases are made with a sand mix and snow was done with a backing soda/PVA glue mix. Not my usual for snow, but it matched with what he already had. Enjoy the pics!

Man o War Shocktroppers::



Warcaster Sorcha::

Oh and in case you ever need to find a paint compatibility or conversion from one company to another, here is a nice link for you:: That has helped me on more than one occasion and now it can help you too!

Well I will return later on next week with some more models for the Khador side I was commissioned by the same client. We will have the War Dog, Kayzay Assassins, and the Butcher! Until then I will find something else to paint up! Have a great weekend and think in color.

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