Thursday, September 4, 2014

Skorne of the Summer

Welcome back!

Continuing along as promised, this week we will take a look at some models I did over the summer, the Skorne Battlebox from Privateer Press line of Hordes. Lets get a look at the group shot before diving in:

Skorne Battle Box

I should note that this is the old metal box. It has been sitting in my back closet for a few years, and I decided it was time to paint them up for two reasons. 1) I wanted to, no NEEDED to paint up some monsterous miniatures, and 2) I needed something to paint for the current Warmachine/Hordes league we had going locally.

The colors used are close to my Cryx I play, at least the armor they wear, with added gold highlights to change it up a bit. The red and gold for the cloth was a nice touch that I wanted to try, and I think it worked. So lets take a closer look at each of these models (its going to be a long post).

Master Tormentor Morghoul

If you notice the lines there on the side of the base, its used to mark facing for in the game. A simple red stroke to tell the front and back of the model for in game purposes. The bases are all custom made, and hopefully I have a tutorial on how to do that later.

Cyclops Savage (2)

As much as a pain in the ass those back flags are, I wanted to include them. Each one is pinned into the backs of the Savage to hold them in place, and for extra support. No freehand on the flags yet, because I am not sure where I am going with them, but the space is there.

Titan Gladiator

The big bad powerhouse. Honestly he was the first thing I painted. There was some work to be done before he was painted, the only problem with the metal line. Gaps had to be filled with greenstuff and a little sculpting done to blend it all in, but he turned out great.

Over the course of two weeks it took me to paint up the whole thing, you know work and stuff got in the way, but really fun to do. And thats the key, fun and enjoyment. I do have to say I like the old metal line of Privateer Press stuff, even if there is a little work involved. The new stuff looks good, as long as it comes out the factory good, but I do prefer metal over plastic.

So there we have it. Painted up Skorne Battlebox from Privateer Press line Hordes. Back to painting more stuff for me, see you next week!

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