Friday, January 14, 2011

Lost Halls of the Dwarven Kings (part 3)

Continued work on this fabulous papercraft terrain set from WorldWorks Games.
This time around I completed a few of the posts variety. Posts sit ontop of anchor points on the floors and are what hold your walls in place. Also this time I decided to edge the posts before completion.
Edging is when you go over the edges of white paper with a marker (preferably black) to hide that it is indeed paper - that and it adds a nice looking shadow.

Post before edging and construction.

 Post being edged. Black marker along the white parts.
 See the difference. The right post is edged where as the left on is plain constructed and will have to be edged soon without ruining the art of the post. Look at all those other ones needing done.
 Posts completed. Various sizes and shapes.
Posts are now completed and next stop is the Floors!
Although now I realize this is complete backwards order in the way you should build this, but I will cover that in next section as well. For now - may your glue hold strong and your brush paint true!

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