Saturday, January 15, 2011

Lost Halls of the Dwarven Kings (intermission-or what I learned so far)

As I take a short break from cutting out the templates, sticking them on foamcore, then cutting those out - I decided to give my hands a break for a bit. Cutting everything by hand is quite tasking and can take a toll on your hands, specially the finger that guides the blade.

During this break I decided to re-cap on some things I have learned constructing this set of terrain from WorldWorks Games.

1. Always make sure you have enough of the same type of paper ready for your project. The paper type and brand must be same same for the project because each company has different quality of paper. For example some tiles I printed on Avery paper turned out different than the ones printed on Staples brand paper.

2. Along with paper, make sure you have plenty of ink to make it thru printing off your pieces. This didnt happen to me, but well worth mentioning.

3. Edge BEFORE construction. This saves time from mistakes that may happen. No matter how good you are, you probablly will mess up if you wait to edge.

4. Take a break. Every now and then you will have to step away from a project and strech your legs and your fingers to keep from cramping up later on.

5. Planning goes a LONG way. If you can plan your set up before printing everything out. This will save you time in the end as you will have everything you need in front of you and no need to go back to the printer for more. WorldWorks Games makes a great Terrain Planner for the TLX system and can be found here. The planner lets you design what you want to build and tells you what sets you will need to purchase to achieve your vision. It also tells you how many of what parts you will need to completely construct your build.

Heres some pics from my templates for the floor tiles and what Im working with at the moment::
templates printed out and ready to be attached to foamcore. Templates are printed on 8 1/2"x11" label paper for easier quicker construction.
 Templates attached to foamcore. 1 1/2 sheets ready to be cut out.
 Templates cut out and halfway done.
Back to it for now, and later I will be able to attach the floor tiles - but I will be back with those pics and update.

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