Sunday, January 23, 2011

Lost Halls of the Dwarven Kings (part 6)

Continuing work on this beautiful terrain set Lost Halls of the Dwarven Kings from WorldWorks Games.

After what seems to be a long week, of it was believe me, I was able to slowly work on the anchors. These tabs get cut out, glued together for extra support, and then glued onto the floor tiles in the marked spots. The anchors are by far the worst part of the building process, as they are tiny and many cuts are needed by hand to break them free of the white card, and then edged. The biggest problem is that there are many, many of these (I did almost 200) and they must be lined up correctly to assemble on the floors, but thats a different post.

Most of these I did while watching a movie, which helps move the time along and delay the agony within my pressing finger of cutting out 200 anchors and then cutting away the white bits leftover. Dont get me wrong, its well worth it as it looks fabulous and the pain is well worth this beauty. Just remember to take a break every now and then as I have and you will be fine.

anchors cut free from the paper and ready for gluing. There are the corner anchors (small ones) and middle anchors (large ones).
 All 200 anchors glued, scored, edged and ready for placement.
 See the floors? the white spots are where the anchors get glued into place.
 First floor tile is complete! See how the anchors blend into the floor tile? Isnt that cool! you can barly see them, except the ones I bent up to show - the top three are so hidden you didnt even notice them.
 Now back to the other floor tiles. I will update when I have completed them and possibly a look at completed area to knock your socks off!!

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