Monday, August 29, 2011

Buildings of Malifaux Terraclips!

Buildings of  Malifaux. Terraclips.
Just a quick build I put together as soon as I received the set. I purchased a box of Connectors with this as well. Tho I did start to run out of certain clips near the end. This took about 50 minutes to assemble.
Overall, the art is beautiful and the pieces fit together nicely. Building takes a small learning curve, just where to fit all the pieces together. But you can build what you want and the simple directions on the back cannot be confusing.

So without delay, here is the quick build of the Buildings of Malifaux::

 Level 1 of the quick build.main entrance, archways to a courtyard, and 3" wide stairs leading up. This is actually a hugh building if you think about it, but a test to how big I can go.

Level 2 of the building. 1" stairs going up and...a balcony! The balcony is 1" wide and goes around the back of the second floor. See the door propped open?

 Building complete! Rooftops! And as you can probably see I did run out of L-Clips so I had to use T-Clips in the end, this is where a second box of Connectors will come in place.

 Seems like some Salty Dogs had their hideout invaded by Menoth! Parts of building removed so we can see inside. And thats beauty because the levels are not connected to each other!

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