Saturday, August 20, 2011

Cryx Command HQ Trench

Well this will be a bit of a pic heavy blogging. A you should know by now I do regularly play Warmachine and I love to paint. I also love to do terrain work, but as of now barely have anything to show for that...until now!
Recently there was a Release event and one of the bonus requirements was to build a command trench for your faction to play with. I decided to attempt this and began my planning. Unfortunately as the ball got rolling, I forgot to take pictures to show for updates, tutorial, or my mad scheming. I wish I would have, that would have made this posting a hell of a lot bigger (possibly better too).

Now I present the final product of my insanity that went into this project: the Cryx HQ Command Trench!

Close up shots of various parts of the terrain piece

but what really drives this piece home, what shows the insanity of it all is this....

IT LIGHTS UP!  WHAT!  All the planning and time, not to mention research, just for this piece. It did turn out more beautiful than I imagined, and it was well received.

I also have separate shots of the flag by itself, which was a first also. The pole the flag sits on was extended and the skull and bone "wings" were hand sculpted by me. The flag itself is from an Ogre Kingdom army unit from Games Workshop, but it fit its purpose here.

I really, REALLY enjoyed this project. Although it did take alot of time to envision, create, and complete I am happy with this. This piece was actually a test run for something else I was working on, and seeing this works gives me high hopes for the next project.

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I have. Now for a short break before I start painting again.

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