Monday, August 29, 2011

Sewers of Malifaux Terraclips!

Sewers of  Malifaux. Terraclips.
Just a quick build I put together as soon as I received the set. I purchased a box of Connectors with this as well. This took about 30 minutes to assemble.
Overall, the art is beautiful and the pieces fit together nicely. Building takes a small learning curve, just where to fit all the pieces together. But you can build what you want and the simple directions on the back cannot be confusing.

So without delay, here is the quick build of the Sewers of Malifaux::

Level 1 of the sewers. You can definatly see the 1" grid here, but look at that grimmy water...ewww.

 Level 2 of the Sewers. I wanted to try the catwalks and a ladder. As you can see part of the catwalk is damaged. Or appears that way, that is just a short piece with a long railing on the side.

And here we have completed level 2 of the sewers by adding a room above the sewerline.

 Sea Dogs on the run, and the seem to have trapped a Menoth jack! Notice the one pirate on the "broken" catwalk. a single clip connects that piece and he is on the edge, sturdy as flat ground.

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