Monday, August 29, 2011

Streets of Malifaux Terraclips!

Streets of  Malifaux. Terraclips.
Just a quick build I put together as soon as I received the set. I purchased a box of Connectors with this as well. This took about 30 minutes to assemble.
Overall, the art is beautiful and the pieces fit together nicely. Building takes a small learning curve, just where to fit all the pieces together. But you can build what you want and the simple directions on the back cannot be confusing.

So without delay, here is the quick build of the Streets of Malifaux::

The basic street level with a ramp to level 2! You can see archways and a doorway that comes with the doors you can leave punched out or stand closed or open. The ramp assembled has little nubs sticking out so a figure can stand in the middle without sliding down.

 Second level of the streets. Connected to each other, but this level is completely removable to see whats going on below this level! Stairs leading somewhere above. The stairs are wide enough for a 30mm or smaller figure to stand on them.
3rd level of the Streets of Malifaux. This was before I opened the Buildings and just wanted to see it all stack.
Streets of Malifaux complete and tested by the power of Menoth, mostly used for size comparison.

So there you have a quick build of the Streets of Malifaux Terraclips! I hope you enjoyed looking as much as I have building it!

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