Monday, August 29, 2011

Terraclips in Hand!!!

Well a long time coming, but well worth the wait.What are Terraclips? Well they are a collaboration brought forth from WorldWorks Games and Wyrd Miniatures. They are a 3D Terrain System, fully functional with each set, which is based in the Wyrd Universe, a city known as Malifaux.

They have a beautiful design and artwork and come in a 1" grid format, which is perfect for RPGers and the Wargamers.While it does say 1" grid, there are some pieces where you dont actually see the grid, but alot of places that you do - so it may not actually work that well for Wargaming do to the fact you could measure out visually before you actually move. But they are beautiful!

Each set (there are 3- Streets, Buildings, and Sewers) comes with aplenty of floor tiles (6x6" and 3x3"), wall tiles (6x6" and 3x3"), 3 stairs and, depending on the set,  special tiles to use. Streets comes with ramps and archways, Sewers comes with catwalks, Buildings comes with balconies and roofs!

Enough talk. I grabbed up one of each set and started building. I also got some pics of these quick builds for show here and at my LGS. So I will present each to you in following posts titled as each set name. Streets of Malifaux, Buildings of Malifaux, and Sewers of Malifaux.

NOTE: To actually build the Terraclips, you must also purchase a box of  Connectors (the clips themselves). Now different builds use different combination of clips (I-Clips, L-Clips, and T-Clips), and for all three of these sets, I purchased 1 Connector pack per Terrain Box, then I got an extra Connector box just in case (it was a smart move).


Streets Quick Build Buildings Quick Build Sewers Quick Build

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