Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Terraclips Build One

Well after some free time I was able to squeeze into the past week, I was able to make a complete build out of all three of the Terraclips sets! Now this was a massive build, I wanted it to be a decent size and it came out great. 3'x3', you read correctly, three feet by three feet of awesome build. This was done with only 1 copy of each box (Streets, Sewers, and Buildings of Malifaux) and 4 boxes of clips. If I had extra cash, I would have gladly bought another box of streets or buildings (probably buildings) to fill up more areas like the one tiny area with nothing there - I ran out of ground.

Also, because of the limited space for storage, I had to build each section in 2'x2' areas. This is why you will not see clips connecting every tile and also why different sections can be removed for the lower levels. But easier to store, which makes me happy.

I now present you with Build One of the Terraclips, all three sets were used in this making. Enjoy the pic heavy madness!!

Overview of complete Build One. Notice that one tiny area left bare?
It was between that or a taller building.

Overview from a different angle.

 Overview from the back.
 Side angle.

 Next we will be going section by section to reveal the layers beneath. This may take a while.

Bottom Left corner. Note the catwalk leading from the streets to the lookout area.
Lookout area top floor.
 Underneath the lookout area.
 Catwalk removed as well as the bottom floor of lookout area.

 Top Right corner. Note the beautiful buildings. 
We will call it a church for now.
 Top roof of church removed. The rest of the roof is inaccessible,
the walls just for support.
 The roof removed! Exposed ground floor...or is it?
 Ground floor of the area. Stairs lead up to church ground floor,
and appears to be sewers underneath?

Middle Top side. We shall call this the Merchants House.
Notice the L shape of the building, very tricky.
 Another angle shot of the Merchants House. Here you can see the roof was not attached,
I ran out of the angle pieces.
 Although with roof not attached all the way, I can do split reveal on the top floor.
 Roof completely removed for the Merchant House. Notice the balcony area
(I did forget to attach the last piece of balcony)
 Top floor removed for the Merchant House. Pay no attention to the Sewer Tile,
I needed a floor piece and this was hidden anyways.
 Merchant House removed, sewers revealed. Is there
a secret passage that connects the two?

 Middle Left section. The Inn.
 Roof removed. Ugly green floors. Also yes, another piece
of railing was forgotten here.
 Top floor of Inn removed. Quite basic actually.
 Inn section removed to reveal the sewers below. Notice how a small section
of the Inn remains on the tile section above it.

Middle section. Old House. You can see the stairs that would lead to the area of the Merchant House.
Also, the roof of this tiny old house is partially missing (I had no roof tiles left.)
 Old House roof removed.
 Under the Old house appears to be a sewer entrance...

Top Left section. Nothing much really here, a part of the Inn and basic street.
 Under the street is the rest of the sewer area!

Well you saw each section revealed and torn down to bottom most layer.  Now we are going to build the city back up level by level, bit by bit.

Ground level overview of Build One. 
 Level 2 attached to each section.
 Level 3 added to each section.
 Level 4 added to each section. Mostly rooftops.
Overall view and complete Build One!

This was great fun to build, even figuring out how to connect it all was a frustrating joy, a joy none the less. Even with skipping some clip connectors and using the T-Clips instead of L-Clips, I did run out of L-Clips. I did purchase 4 boxes remember?

Until next time.

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