Monday, September 26, 2011

Roll Arena!

Recently WorldWorks Games came out with a bunch of game aids to use for your gaming needs, be it RPGs, Wargaming, or anything else you could use it for. One of which was titled the Roll Arena. All of these continue in  their traditon of paper-crafting.
What is paper craft? It is where you use paper (yes paper) to build things. Naturally you wouldn't use normal paper, you use cardstock a bit thicker than normal paper, but still paper.

Back to the Roll Arena (that's why we're here right?). This beautiful and fully functioning piece is a work of art. The design of the build, the colors, and the art are amazing. I love this piece. Anyway onto some pics for you to gander and oogle.

Roll Arena instructions (6 pages), Complete Print of build (15 pages), 
T-Square (or ruler of choice), X-Cato blade, and glue. Not to forget the cutting mat.

I decided to base the top level of the Roll Arena on Black Foamboard
(this will keep the arena sturdier, but prove a mistake in the end)

Top level all assembled. All of that is made with paper!
the holes in the corners are for later.

Top of Arena from a side view for height purposes.

 This is the card drawer. All still paper. I noticed when sliding this
in and out, it needed under reinforcement so I glued a wide strip underneath.

A drawer is about to be assembled.

Drawer with the faceplate and handle.

Drawer completed! just paper and glue.

The bottom layer of the Roll Arena. The white areas will glue to the
underneath of the top section.

Roll Arena assembled! Not quite, something is missing.

 now Roll Arena assembled!! So beautiful.

Look at those drawers! sliding in and out.

 The Roll Arena also comes with 5 alternate wheels you can place inside, over the base floor. Each of them are another amazing piece of work and have additional uses for in your games. I actually didn't print any out, but if I did I would use sticker paper to print on and attach it to a piece of  foamboard.

There you have it! It is beautiful. Very few complaints I have about this one, more like suggestions for my next one (or if you get to build one).
1. Edge the edges. This means take a black sharpie and go over the white edges of paper to create depth and take the white out of the picture.
2. While the foamboard provides sturdiness for the top level, it partially takes away for the art of the Roll Arena. Use foamboard for under the alternate wheels instead to place inside.
3. The card drawer (the long one) is partially flimsy. To remedy glue a wide and long strip underneath connecting all the card slots together.
4. The card drawer is tricky to pull out and push in. The edges of each slot catch sometimes on the corner pieces. Possible remedy to glue a "guide track" inside for smoother pull/push.

I can wait to use this as practical as it is, and very affordable. Thank you to the crew at WorldWorks Games for making another incredible piece of work!

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