Friday, September 9, 2011

Updates and new tag

Update today, September 9th. Recently we had heavy rains and flooding in my area. We are ok and so is all my stuff ;) No real flooding in the neighborhood, but the city suffered bad. Road closures, School closings, and wee Work has been shut down the past 2 days. This gave me plenty of time recently to do  painting and also toy with the idea of finishing Dungeon X! Also worked on tearing apart, and cataloging, my Complete Build One of the Terraclips terrain. I will be working on a Complete Build Two shortly as well as possibly diving into Dungeon X!

With most of my painting Updates I do, I decided to make a new tag called "Commissions" which will mark which projects I do for pay as opposed to ones I do for personal. There are other tags I am thinking of possibly the army name as tags for Warmachine/Hordes.

For now that is all, back to painting as I have a few projects still lined up to do for others.

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