Sunday, September 18, 2011

Terraclips Build Two

Hi there, welcome back (or first time welcome). The past two weeks have been crazy enough that just now I have been able to upload some pics of a variety of projects I was working on. Right now I am able to present to you my Complete Build Two using the all 3 of the Terraclips sets again.

Again with my limited space option the whole piece is in sections for ease of storage and ease of accessing different areas. The complete build is a total of 1 3/4'x1 1/2', but it is also 4 layers, 6 for the tallest house. This build I have dubbed "The Manor", and as you will see is pretty cool (at least I thought so). So without wait, enjoy the pics!

First off we have a few overviews with different angles:
Front Overview. Here you can see an entrance into
the guest house and the fountain in the front.

Right side overview. Ignore the open walls (again I was short walls for the build).
But look at the balcony connecting the 2 buildings together. And that roof...
Back overview. Here you can see the balcony better.

 Left side Overview. From this angle you can see the main house entrance
and the balcony connecting to the second floor.

Lets tear the buildings down bit by bit, with a play by play.:

 Top roof of main building removed.
You can see 3 rooms on the top floor.
 Second layer removed. This includes the main roof of the
second building and the complete roof of the first.
 Third layer removed. Here you can see multiple rooms in each
building and the balcony that connects the two buildings.
 Fourth layer removed from the main house, 
just to show the balcony sitting freely and how it connects.
Fourth layer completely removed, including the balcony. The archways in the back
are not connected in any fashion and that area is open outdoors type.

Next we will take a closer look at how I did that fountain sitting in the front.

 Close view of the fountain. For this piece was rather simple.
We took the fountain floor tile and placed arches joined
together on top, not attached to the tile.
 Here you can see the arches simply removed.

This was a little smart on my part (i think). I took a Sewer floor tile
and connected it to other floor tiles with the T-Clip. Then to build
up the fountain, I simply used the balcony sides as the "walls".

Quite easy and gives some height to the fountain without it being too tall. Also gives nice structure to the piece without hindering for movement.

Next we will tear down the rest of the build for your excitement!

 As you can guess, the Sewers are underneath the build. 2 layers of sewer crawl, smell that?

 First half of the streets gone for show of sturdiness.
 Street level all gone. Here are the sewers top floor.
Notice the gap in flooring middle right side?
 close up of gap in floor. This was to lead a way between the two sewer levels.
 Bottom right corner. This is directly below the main house.
 Bottom left corner, directly below the fountain area.
Backside area.
 Half of first floor removed. The gap in first floor falls right
into the three-way tile.
 Complete bottom level of sewers (and the build). Again walls are missing, but doesnt prevent the sturdiness of the build once tiles are joined together.
Sewers lower level, broken apart to show how they separate.

And there you have it! Out of all the clips I purchased, I still had no L-Clips left over. The walls again were scarce, and if you look close enough, the buildings had a mix of street and building walls. Again this was using only 1 box of each of the Terraclips and 4 boxes of connectors. It was, and still is, fun to make these builds and I hope you enjoyed this one!

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