Friday, September 9, 2011

Dwarves on the Rise

Awhile back I had a friend mention he wanted his Dwarven "army" from Privateer Press painted, but he didnt want to pay to have them done. He also had no real time to do them himself as he worked full time and was painting other things as well. He also happens to have a Pirate "army" that I was interested in that he no longer used. I made a proposition, if he were to give me his Pirates for sale as it were, I would pay him by painting his Dwarves at my going rates. Needless to say I now own a bunch of Pirate Mercenary models for Warmachine and he is getting his Dwarven painted up :)

This post is all about his first round of Dwarves I painted. These Dwarves form the "Seaforge Commission" as they are all Mercenary models from Privateer Press's Warmachine line of miniatures. All the models are Mercenaries and can be included in some other armies or form their own army.
This unit is called the Horgenhold Forge Guard. The main and secondary army colors were chosen by customer and the rest I choose. Here are some pics:

Since the man has alot of models for this army to be painted he decided it would be quicker (and get more out of it) if they were done in the basic fashion. 5 colors I think I used: Armor, secondary army, skin, weapons, and leather. Some shaded or higlighted, but again a quick, cheap paint job. I hope you enjoyed as I got a few more of these posts coming.

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