Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Mountain KING!!!!

Every game evolves at some point. For Warmachine and Hordes (from Privateer Press) it was the Colossals and Gargantuans expansions. Now I have my Cryx Colossal, and the Mercenary one is coming soon. This I present to you is the Trollbloods Mountain King!

The model is so beautiful, large and in charge (the figure mind you, his stats are subpar). Now as I have some Trollblood models I cannot wait to get this one in the future, this one I painted is a commission piece. I have mixed feelings about it. Before the pics I will rant abit.

I love to paint and this model is beautiful. The client wanted a fast cheap paint job. I wanted to go all in, deep detail, beautiful shading, colors, etc. But as we know, the customer is paying so they get what they want. I WILL be buying one for myself in the future to do me justice and bring it to life in my vision painted glory.

OK ENOUGH of that, here are some pics to enjoy of the Mountain King!

He is one big Mammajamma! the base is about the size of a CD (or DVD if you prefer). Over 6" tall and just pure awesome rage! The color scheme I was going for was akin to Doomsday from DC Comics.  The base is made mostly from Greenstuff and Sand Grit. As I said earlier there is SO MUCH MORE I want to do with him, but that is not what was paid for, to fufill my dreams I gotta get one of my own.

Until next time, next time...

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