Friday, November 30, 2012

The end is near

Well here we are, the tail end of November. I thought a good time to lay out some thoughts and happenings around here. So lets take a look back to reflect on what I have set out to do vs what I have done.

First off, I am glad to say I have completed all my commission assignments for the year! Big yea to me. All goods delivered all paid for too. Super happy about this now as I can focus the last month of the year all to myself. I would have been done sooner, but I cant say no to painting stuff. Its my addiction. But by doing so also lets me paint AND make money doing it. I still have a few pics to add up here to the blog, so be on the lookout for them coming up probably next month.

Now looking back to the first post of the year, my "Resolutions post", I see I didnt really get much accomplished here. My Super Dungeon Explorer miniatures all still need to be painted, and I just received the expansion Caverns of Roxor. The Legion commission project wasnt even started due to lack of client interest, but I have them here so I should do them sometime. The Malifaux and Cygnar get done at random times as they are my own models. Same with my Cryx army, just too many other projects to do before I could paint them. Coming in the new year I think I am receiving a small Khador army for Warmachine to paint as a commission for Comic Store West, I love to paint for these guys as they are my LGS. Also need to do up the Zombicide miniatures as I run demos at LGS and painted look prettier.

As for terrain and the other bits, well I did mention it was a busy year. I did a set of desert themed bases for a Menoth army, and will post that "how to" here next week. The other types of "Cryxian" terrain also fell by the wayside as the Iron Kingdoms RPG was released and I started to focus on some story and papercraft buildings for that one. I may be running a group next year IF my work schedule becomes more permanent.

I was able to build a 3D Super Dungeon Explorer demo board for when I do demos of that game at the LGS, and I even got my hands on a second set of Terrain Clips, Buildings and Streets of Malifaux for possible use in a 3D version of Zombicide! ideas are still brewing and playtesting, but it should work nicely!

And now, soon I must make room, or look for a bigger house. I realized with all the Kickstarter hype that I will be receiving miniatures from various companies each month next year, from January until May, and then another order in November! Zombicide, Reaper Bones, Impact Chibi Dungeon Explorers, Relic Knights, and Kingdom Death! Thats gonna be a LOT of miniatures. Not to mention a Wrath of Kings Kickstarter that will start soon (I hear February), and they look interesting as well.

Now I am off to clean up my painting area and do some organizing. Hope everyone had a great holiday and more to come. Paint happy!

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