Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Road Hog #3

And weeeeere back! Today I have 3 different commission projects to put up. I DID want to upload my 3D Dungeon "How to" build tutorial, but my phone is not connecting to the computer :(

Instead I uploaded these pics off my camera. So here is the first. Another Road Hog from Privateer Press! You may have seen his 2 brothers earlier, as this was requested from the same client. Cheap, quick paint job.

Now to go upload 2 more, ironically from the same client. I have just 1 more commission piece due the end of the month, and then back to my personal stuff! I am debating between Super Dungeon Explore of Zombicide. Or more Cryx, Pyrates, or....well you know how it goes: Too many models, not enough time.

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