Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Wrack em up!

Continuing with some commission work, here are some Protectorate of Menoth miniatures I did recently, they are used in the Warmachine game from Privateer Press. The theme is continuing with some others I did in the past, but as of yet posted up here on the blog.

Up first we have some Wracks.

And I will add the Hierophant up here as well. He is a solo for the Protectorate army, there to lend a hand to the Warcaster.

Someday I will add more of the Menoth commissions I have done, all for the same client. Also I am planning on doing a tutorial on how I did up the sand/desert theme bases. There is one more unit to finish, hopefully before Christmas and they will be up here after they are done.

Everyone have a great holiday, turkey is vastly approaching.

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