Tuesday, November 15, 2011

8-Bit Dungeon Work In Progress

So as I have stated earlier this week, I began working on a new papercraft dungeon. Taking bits from Fat Dragon Games, I decided to create my own "flashback" style with what I am calling the "8-Bit Dungeon". Mostly this is dungeon is ment for my upcoming games with Super Dungeon Explore, giving the dungeon a retro 8 bit feel.

As this will be all prototype, and also wanting a feeling of nostalgia, I went with the basic grey color (so as not to waste too much ink if parts didnt work out). This also makes it simple when I go to another color for the dungeon (I already have most of the pieces in red, also working on green and blue). So keep this in mind when you see the pictures, it is ment to be retro and generic. I am tossing around the idea of transition floors going from 1 room to the next with the color changing, it will be an overlay or maybe a separate tile all together. Possibly with the dungeon transitioning from 8-bit to the actual dungeon from Fat Dragon Games. Its a great idea, I will just need the time for it.

So anyhow with this updated post I will also be adding a tag for "8bit Dungeon" and "papercraft" because I seem to be doing those as well, so it will be easier to find all those. I hope you enjoy these as much as I have had making them. After the holidays I will be certain I will be diving back into more of these, but for now I have the basics and thats all I need. Actually its not, I also was working on some extra bobs and bits (like stairs, floor traps, floor obstacles, and archways) but those are not done yet, and I will add them up here when they are.

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