Wednesday, November 23, 2011

WIP 8 bit dungeon:extras

Continuing my work on the 8-bit dungeon (before Super Dungeon Explore arrived) I was able to work on some extra bits I may need later on. Most of these didnt turn out 100% the first time, but gave me the look of how I wanted them, and now I can rescale or re-size. So here are some extra bits::

6" wall::
For those extra big room, I decided to have a 6"wall. This would work better than a 4" and 2" wall put together and leave those for other areas of the dungeon.
 6" wall, cut out and ready for assembly.
6" wall all assembled.

2" doorway arch add-on::
 The basic shape, ready for cutting.
 The archway all assembled. You can still see some white, this is one that
didnt work 100%, but gives me the look and idea what I need to change.
The prototype archway ontop of a 2"wall.
There is a bit of an overlap, but that will be fixed later on.

1" stairs::
The stairs were a bit trickier than I imagined. Overall I am happy how they turned out, but I made them a bit too big, more like 1 1/4" than the 1" I was going for. The pics below actually show the whole construction of the stairs.

There are the completed stairs. It looks good, I just have to re-size them.

And there you have the extra bits I worked on last week. Now that Super Dungeon Explore has arrived, I gotta get some games in! That and commission work needs done - I will post those pics when I get to them :)

Until next time dear readers...

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