Saturday, November 26, 2011

Sturm & Drang

Today I present Sturm & Drang, a single concoction of a warlock for the Minion forces of Hordes (from Privateer Press). He (they?) work mainly for The Farrow army, and provide a duality of beast. Another commission piece from the continuing support of the Farrow, the client wanted it done with a little more detail than usual. The jack parts you see on the base were supplied, so we added them with flair as if the caster just took down the warjack, or at least he is standing on its remains. I kept with the same theme I have been going with for his pigs, so why change now?

You can almost sense his duality with the different armor types on each hand and head. This one was fun to paint (as they all are), and now that he is clear I can begin on one of my next many projects, which one do I choose?

Until next time, keep clever thoughts in your head for moments like these.

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