Sunday, November 13, 2011

Awaiting Super Dungeon Explore!

One of my most anticipated board/miniature games in quite a while has finally arrived on street, Super Dungeon Explore (SDE for short)from Sodapop Miniatures!! You should check it out if you have the nostalgia for old school rpg board games like Hero Quest, Dragon Quest, Dragon Strike, and the like. I have had this on pre-order since August of this year, but have been anticipating since last year when I first saw the miniatures. They have a chibi anime style to them and I am looking forward to painting them as soon as I get my hands on them.

Whilst I await my box arrival I have been working on a new dungeon from a company called Fat Dragon Games. Their build of dungeons are a bit easier to assemble and the basic set to start building is free. Who can beat free? As I began to assemble the basic parts, I thought to myself of combining both Fat Dragon Games (FDG) dungeon and Worldworks Games (WWG) chunky dungeons! I started to think about ideas, but then had another thought- what if I designed an "old school" 8-bit style of dungeon using both the FDG and WWG?

And thats what I have been doing the past few days, no painting just designing and building in Photoshop. printing out and testing different builds. Going back in and rearranging, tweeking, and more printing and building.
When I get some pictures, I will update here. I just wanted to share this with anyone that might find it interesting.

Back to Photoshop! Keep those ink heads clean.

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