Wednesday, November 23, 2011

ITS HERE! Super Dungeon Explore!

As you might be able to tell, I am a bit excited. Super Dungeon Explore has arrived (bout 2 days ago) and I have been busy with it, and my full time job. But I unveil for your eyes now, my unboxing of Super Dungeon Explore from Soda Pop Miniatures!

 The box, in all its glory

Here are the 5 beautifully illustrated, double sided dungeon tiles and 1 adventure tracker.

 Tokens, and lots of them! 16 different types, not counting the loot, start, and tracker tokens.

Colorful dice used for the game.

Cards. Inside we have a total of 105 cards. 9 hero cards, 20 monster cards,
24 treasure cards, 48 loot cards, and 2 terrain cards.

And finally, the miniatures and a bag of bases.

Inside the miniatures bag are 7 other smaller bags to divide up the monsters and heroes.
Red miniatures are monsters, grey minis are the heroes.

And there you have the unboxing :) Now I am going to assemble the minis and take some pictures. I am planning on painting them all, but after the commission work I have just been given (2 different ones). Hope you enjoyed this, but I know not as much as I have.

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