Thursday, November 10, 2011


Well, as promised, I was able to finish off the floors for this massive beast called Dungeon X. Although, its not all the floors...just the ones I need for now, for SDE Dungeon. Regardless, I will be able to use them for both...
Enough rambling on, time for some pics!

 outlines of the floor tiles. These were printed on sticker paper,
much easier to do this way incase of mistakes.

 Floor tiles all cut out and ready for fitting.

Floor tiles all ready to go, bits and all.

And thats just the beginning! Now we add those colors of beautiful tiles. I print all my floor tiles on sticker paper which makes it easier to assemble. The only issue I run into (sometimes) is the links stick to the tile if used right away.
And more pics of the finished floor tiles!

 All finished and grouped for the picture.

 Here are the 6"x6" floor tiles (14 total)

 3"x3" tiles, 14 total

6"x3" floor tiles, 10 total

These are the white tiles I printed out for now.

A late addition!! These I decided to make at last minute, after the initial set of pictures were done.
Red floor tiles, for those special rooms.

So there they are. A total of 18 large tiles (6"x6"), 10 halls (6"x3"), and 14 of the small tiles (3"x3"). These are just what I finished not all what I have completed, that will be for another post.

There are technically 3 different colors of floor tiles used here, grey (from the Lost Halls of the Dwarven Kings), white, and red (both from the Vault of the Ancients expansion). All are from WorldWorks Games. I say "technically" because midway thru this project my printed died and I had to get a new one. Some of the grey printed out darker with the new printer. And then I ran out of ink (trying to print different things at once) so another set of tiles appear bluish-grey. Live and learn, they all work and thats what counts.

For now this is as far as I am getting with this project. I will start next on the many, many walls I will need - but that might be after my next project.

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