Thursday, November 3, 2011

Going Post-al

Catchy title, no? Well this post is during my vacation, which is more of a staycation. I stayed home but am getting paid because I am on vacation, just didnt go anywhere. I stayed home and got stuff done. Painting, for 1. Cleaning for another. For the third, I worked on the dungeon I have dubbed Dungeon X.

In part, I now realize Dungeon X is hugh! About 2'x2' area and 3 levels, 4 if you count 2 of the room tops I am making. So I was building other, smaller(ish) dungeons in the Planer. The one I am working on most right now I have dubbed SDE Dungeon 5. It is about half the size of Dungeon X. 2'x2' area and only 2 floors height. I plan on using it for Super Dungeon Explore when I get my copy. Hence the name SDE Dungeon. Yes, it is the 5th I have designed, and the one I like the most currently. Although it works for both dungeons, this will still be tagged under Dungeon X for ease of finding it.

Enough babbling, time for some pics. As you can guess from the title, this is all about the posts-the ones that connect the walls...

 2-way corner, 3-way center, and 4 way center posts.

 40 of the 2-way corner posts

 30 of the 3-way center posts

10 of the 4 way center posts

As I said, a lot of posts. Next I am working on the flooring. I hope I will be able to finish most of those in the next day or so, but I am painting at the same time to take breaks between each project.

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